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Paul Heckel

Standing at exactly 5 foot 6 and 7/8 inches and fueled by large amounts of espresso, Paul has over 25 years of advertising and photography experience.  

He is known for his perfectionism, professionalism and proclivity for antagonizing acquaintances, friends and family. Those who have survived his sometimes elaborate practical jokes become fast friends or bitter enemies.

Paul has worked in several markets as an art director, photographer and agency owner and has a strong background in creative direction, print design, web development and video production.

Heckel Photography specializes in commercial and fine art photography, with a particular interest in landscapes and environmental portraiture. A lifelong passion for the outdoors fuels @HeckelOutside which focuses on spectacular landscapes, as well as content for the outdoor and travel marketing segment.


What Others Have Said

“Paul has a great eye for composition and offers a unique point of view on every project… mainly because he’s short and can fit into small crevices.” 

– Scott Ostman, Creative Director, Epicosity


– Former United States President, Barack Obama

“When Paul is behind the camera, I have no fear. Well, I have a lot of fear, but not about the outcome of the photography.”

– DonnaMae Wirtjes, Owner, Make Design Studios

“Even on a short timeline, Heckel delivers superior content with tremendous emotional power. In short, he’s a true professional. In the 20 years I’ve worked with him, he’s never fallen short."

– Clara Jacob, Associate Creative Director, Paulsen Marketing

“As a Sioux Falls native, I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of him.” 

– January Jones, Actress

“Paul ALWAYS delivers an excellent end product. He is wonderful to work with but he definitely needs new jokes."

– Larissa Hargens, Marketing, The University of Sioux Falls